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Show our advanced engineering composite material Chinese simplified version of the website is now online.Local server hosting in China, just a few clicks, using Chinese customers can quickly get our product information and contact way.In addition, the simplified version of the website design is simple, browsing is very convenient.


"We are pleasebetway必威全新体验d to announce new SWM AMS micro sites in China," global vice President and film, general manager of Caio Sedeno said."Now we can effectively to speak Chinese customers to promote our growing market.New website will be allowed to target visitors to their native language for a very rich experience, as we continue to expand our global influence, the move will help to accelerate the process of us.It is for our customers is an important step in the exciting, shows our commitment to the Chinese market."

"The new mini website will become a valuable tool for our customers and partners.We can easily show our product portfolio, "asia-pacific commercial director Kelly Huang added."By hosting the website in China, we will comply with all laws and regulations, improve the upload speed, and achieve a good user experience.We look forward to the micro site in the coming weeks and months and years of time have a positive impact."

Want to personally take a look at the tiny website?10month11Date, you can use the following url to viewhttp://www.betway必威全新体验swmintl.com.cn/

We adopt high quality precision engineering material make countless products more powerful, more durable and has a higher performance.In a wide range of industries and applications, we in the paper, film, all kinds of mesh and nonwovens is an important part of customer finished, many of products is one of the industry's leading brands.As a trusted partner, we cooperate with our clients to deliver innovative, tailor-made solutions, in order to improve the value of their products.Our global team effort by the world first-class production capacity and technology, expand the product portfolio and developing international market beyond our expectations.betway必威全新体验SWM is composed of two laudable business units: engineering paper (EP) and advanced materials and structures (AMS).Our EP team provide fiber professional technology to produce high-tech specialty paper products combination, at the same time, our AMS team have strong capacity in resin extrusion technology, to produce all kinds of industry leading screen and film.

We work every day, our paper, film, all kinds of mesh and non-woven cloth around the world are used in a variety of products, applications and industries.As made of polymer fiber, resin and experts in the field of advanced engineering materials, we provide solutions, to make our products more powerful, more durable and has a higher performance.

Our products are

  • Composite materials
  • Fiber and yarn
  • Thin film
  • screen
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Paper products
  • Soil reinforcement
  • Piping system

Our market

  • agricultural
  • Beverage and packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • energy
  • Erosion control
  • filter
  • residential
  • industrial
  • infrastructure
  • medical
  • transport
  • tobacco

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